iLaing Registration

All of our programming is brought to you FREE thanks to Hawai’i People’s Fund and community support like yours. If you have the means to donate, we encourage you to do so here. Please use our Suggested Donation Chart to guide your giving. Our iLaing 7 Registration is currently ONLY open to those residing in Hawaiʻi as general registration is already full.

LAING Hawai’i strives to create a brave safer space where everyone can feel empowered. To that end we have a set of tenets that help us to remain accountable to each other. Please review them and understand that your participation in any LAING Hawai`i programming is under the assumption that you will hold yourself to these tenets. That being said any harassment in-person or online will not be tolerated. You may be expelled for harassment or other issues and will not be entitled to any refund of costs or compensation of any kind.