Language Acquisition and Immersion for the New Generation (LAING) Hawai`i is an iteration of the community language program, iLaing, that has been serving the Honolulu community since 2015. Originally founded by the former Consulate General of the Philippines in Hawaii, Gina Jamoralin, iLaing graduated three cohorts of Ilokano language students and organized two immersion trips to the Ilocos region of the Philippines with a focus on youth and young professionals. Former students of the program, inspired by their experiences in iLaing, decided to join together to work towards establishing an official non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the perpetuation of heritage languages in Hawaii – and so in 2018 LAING Hawai`i was born. Starting with the many languages of the Philippines, our goal is to expand to include classes in languages of the Pacific.

We currently offer three different programs.  You can learn more about our programs here.